Missouri Meadows
Aaron, Amy, Jack and Isaac Schroeder
18067 McCurdy Road
Hughesville, MO 65334
Home Phone: (660) 829-3067
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Our goal is to create purebred Santa Gertrudis, Durham Red  and Star5 composite cattle that will meet the needs of the Midwest Commercial Cattleman.  
"Uno" is our senior herd sire.  He was the highest gaining bull at the Five Oaks Santa Gertrudis gain test bull sale averaging over 5lbs/day!
Missouri Meadows is a growing cattle operation located in Hughesville, Missouri just 15 minutes northwest of Sedalia, Missouri.  We currently run around 50 head of cattle with aspirations of running 100 Santa Gertrudis, Durham Red and Star5 cattle in the near future.  The farm is owned and run by Aaron and Amy Schroeder along with their two sons, Jack and Isaac.

Missouri Meadows specializes in the breeding of Santa Gertrudis, Durham Red, and Star5 cattle.  We have been in the Santa Gertrudis business since 1990.  In the pursuit of producing the perfect composite (and out of curiousity), Missouri Meadows has tried its hands in other breeds as well.  We have tried Brangus, Beefmasters, and Limousin cattle on the side, but our Santa Gertrudis herd remains our favorite and main focus.  Durham Reds have recently been added to the mix and we are very pleased with how these cattle are complimenting our herd.

Santa Gertrudis cattle are America's Original Breed being developed by the King Ranch in the early 1900s.  They are considered to be 5/8 Shorthorn and 3/8 Brahman.  Durham Reds are one of the newest breeds to be developed in the U.S.  Durham Reds are a composite of the Shorthorn and Red Angus breeds. Star5 cattle are composite cattle that are at least 50% Santa Gertrudis with the remainder being any other breed of cattle.  Star5 cattle can be bred up to pure blood status after 3 generations of Santa Gertrudis genetics.

Showing Santa Gertrudis cattle is a fun past time that Missouri Meadows dabbles in but our main focus is producing working cattle for the serious midwest cattleman.  Traits for feed efficiency and fertility will always be our main focus.  Our current senior Santa Gertrudis herd sire was the highest gain test bull in the 2006 Five Oaks Santa Gertrudis gain test bull sale achieving average daily gains over 5 lbs/day!  Our current Durham Red herd sire is a Capstone son with a frame score of 5.  We are really excited about this young bull and his ability to help us produce moderate framed cattle that won't eat a cattleman out of house and home. 
"We work hard...but it does make farming more enjoyable."
- John Goodman, actor
Affton, Missouri
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