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Why composites?  Composites have come to dominate the poultry and swine industry; likewise, composites are becoming increasingly more popular in the beef industry.  Composites offer hybrid vigor and hold the potential to outperform both parents in growth, disease resistance, milk production, etc.  Santa Gertrudis is America's first recognized composite breed.  Durham Reds are one of America's newest composite breeds.  At Missouri Meadows, not only do we raise Santa Gertrudis and Durham Reds, but we also use these genetics to compliment other breeds.  We take the best of these composite cattle and register them through the SGBI (Santa Gertrudis Breeders International) Star5 program.  The Star5 program allows cattlemen to keep records on their commercial cattle or breed up to purebred status. 
Rotational Systems
Many studies have shown that to maximize hybrid vigor, cattlemen need to utilize a rotational system where a breeder will alternate bulls every year to achieve optimum performance.  By crossing Santa Gertrudis and Durham Reds we are practicing this strategy producing animals that will perform with the least amount of management on our part.
Typical Star5 calf at Missouri Meadows.  This calf is 1/4 Charolais, 1/4 Angus, and 1/2 Santa Gertrudis.  As you can see the black gene is still dominant.  This calf may be available as a Composite Herd Sire in the near future.
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