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Durham Reds:  The first and only 100% British composite breed.  Durham Reds can be anywhere from 25% to 75% Red Angus with the remainder being Shorthorn.    Durham Red cattle are registered through the American Shorthorn Association only after they meet bloodwork specifications and performance data is recorded.  The two breeds compliment each other with Shorthorn adding growth, efficient gain, leanness, and docility while Red Angus contribute low birth weight and fleshing ability.  Missouri Meadows has a small herd of Durham Red cattle.  All of our Durham Reds are 50% Red Angus and 50% Shorthorn.  The cow bloodlines include Cherokee Canyon, Hobo, and Major League on the Red Angus side along with Red Cloud on the Shorthorn side.   Many of these bulls need no introduction.  Most of our Durham Red genetics have been purchased from the Bertz's at Meadow Lane Farms.
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Thank you!! to Wes Bales of Floris, Iowa for purchasing several of our Durham Red cows bred to our Santa Gertrudis bull