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Why should I use Santa Gertrudis?
When the King Ranch developed the Santa Gertrudis breed, they used performance based line breeding to make this breed the most uniform and consistent American breed.  Due to this extensive line breeding, cattlemen who use Santa Gertrudis cattle in crossbreeding programs yield high levels of hybrid vigor. Cattlemen who use Santa Gertrudis cross females recognize them as being cows with exceptional maternal qualities.

Why should I use Durham Reds?
Shorthorn and Red Angus cattle compliment each other.  The American Shorthorn Association created this breed with the "Shorthorn adding growth, efficient gain, leanness, and docility while the Red Angus contributes low birth weight and fleshing ability".  Many cattlemen like to use all British influence in their cowherd.  This is part of the reason why the black baldy became so popular.  The advantages of Durham Reds over black baldies are 1) uniform color means more profitability in the sale barn and 2) avoiding the negative side effects of having a white face come fly season.

Why should I use composite cattle?
Composite cattle possess a hybrid vigor that enables them to outproduce their parental breeds.  This is an easy tool a cattleman can use to introduce power and performance into their herd.  At Missouri Meadows, we specialize in cattle with hybrid vigor.  Santa Gertrudis, Durham Reds and Star5 cattle can all provide you with hybrid vigor in your herd.

Will I have black calves?
Probably.  In cattle, black is a dominant color.  Cattle that are red in color simply lack the black gene.  A black cow can be either homozygous (BB) or heterozygous (Bb) black.  If the cow is homozygous black, a Santa Gertrudis or Durham Red calf by this cow will be black 100% of the time.  If a cow is heterozygous black, a Santa Gertrudis or Durham Red calf by this cow will be black 50% of the time.

Are Santa Gertrudis cattle able to withstand cold weather like that experienced during a Missouri winter?
The University of Missouri, under the direction of staff member Samuel Brody, tested cattle and their ability to tolerate temperature extremes.  Cattle were placed and observed in climatic chambers where the temperature, humidity, and air movements were regulated. The ability of the animals to endure different temperatures was then determined by observing the rate of respiration, body temperature, feed intake, and the growth, milk, beef, etc of the animals.  These studies found basic temperature thresholds where cattle are considered to be stressed.  Straight Bos Taurus cattle (cattle of British or European decent) where generally considered to be under stress at temperatures above 80 degrees F.  Straight Bos Indicus cattle (cattle of Indian decent) were considered to be under stress at temperatures below 30 degrees F.  Santa Gertrudis cattle were found to be able to tolerate extremes at both ends of the spectrum.  They could tolerate heat better than straight Bos Taurus cattle and tolerate cold better than straight Bos Indicus cattle.  Source:  http://jds.fass.org/cgi/reprint/39/6/715.pdf
Santa Gertrudis breeders can be found around the world.  They are known for their ability to adapt to most any climate.  In North America, Santa Gertrudis breeders can be found anywhere from Mexico to Canada!

Are "eared" cattle discriminated against at the sale barn?
In some markets, "eared" cattle may be discriminated; however, in other markets "eared" cattle bring premiums.  A cattleman once said that "eared" cattle are discriminated against only half the time.  What money is lost on the steer calves is made up for in their female counterparts. 
At Missouri Meadows, we believe the slight discount our purebred steers receive at the sale barn is easily offset by the positive qualities our cattle possess.  1) Hybrid vigor ensures that our calves will weigh more.  As long as cattle are sold by the pound, we are in good shape.  2) Disease resistance.  Our cattle never get discounted for pinkeye or cancer eye nor do we spend any money in preventing or treating fly spread diseases because of the Brahman influence.  3) When our Santas are crossed with Bos Taurus cattle (like our Durham Reds), the result creates an animal that will work in any market.

Do "eared" cattle produce less desirable meat than other breeds?
No.  This is a deeply entrenched belief that needs to be debunked right now.  Thanks to modern science and DNA testing like GeneSTAR and Igenity, we can finally prove that this old wives' tale needs to be put to rest.  The truth is EVERY breed possesses sires that carry tenderness genes and EVERY breed possesses sires that lack these tenderness genes, in fact, EVERY breed possesses sires the have ZERO tenderness genes.  It is often said that when it comes to breeds of cattle, there are more differences within each breed than there are differences between the breeds themselves.  If selling on the rail is a cattleman's goal/business, that cattleman needs to research the breeder and the bloodlines they are selecting to optimize their carcass values, regardless of what breed they choose.  This can be said for any trait a cattleman considers important.  If it is important to you, it merits your research and DNA testing and EPD's can help point you in the right direction. 

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