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St. Louis, Missouri
Santa Gertrudis Breed History:  The King Ranch began crossbreeding Shorthorn and Hereford cattle with Brahman. After a few crosses, the Brahman X Shorthorn animals were found to be the superior cross.  In 1920 a red bull calf named Monkey was produced and was considered to be the best calf of any breed ever born on the King Ranch.  Monkey was used in a herd of Brahman X Shorthorn heifers. His offspring were considered to be superior cattle and made money for the ranch.

"Uno" is Missouri Meadows' senior Santa Gertrudis herd sire.  We purchased Uno from Snodgress Cattle Company.  Uno gained over 5 lbs/day on the Five Oaks Santa Gertrudis bull gain test. 
"Levi" was born at Missouri Meadows and sired by Uno in 2008.   He was selected the Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Bull in 2009!   He now resides in Alberta, Canada with his new owners Ross and Barb Ward
Heavy Bred Santa Gertrudis Cow
Santa Gertrudis Cow
Santa Gertrudis Cow
Open Santa Gertrudis heifer
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Santa Gertrudis cow with heifer calf
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